It’s a different beast the live-cross – off-beat questions, physical distractions and the ever-
present knowledge that everything – mistakes and all go to air.

Often clients will say – “we wouldn’t put them (our spokesperson) up for a live interview” or
we don’t really do that – but the truth is – with modern technology a mobile phone or back-
pack sized device can replace an old-school link truck – so with little or no warning what you
thought was going to be a pre-recorded interview or press-conference can be taken live.
Accordingly, spokespeople must be in possession of an embedded technique to manage live
interview situations.

Obviously, the stakes are high in this environment and realistically re-creating the live
broadcast environment can be challenging. But it can be done – and if there is even a
minimal likelihood that your spokesperson is likely to encounter a live situation – it’s best
that their first exposure to it is in a supportive training situation. At Saltwater Media
Solutions, we have the experience, the equipment and the training packages to embed a
highly effective live interview strategy.

So for the sake of an extra hour in a training session, my advice to the overwhelming
majority of organisations is to at least expose your spokespeople to the points of difference
a live interview presents. It just might pay off down the track!