Few people enjoy exposing their hard-won reputation to intense public scrutiny. For most, the prospect of hostile journalists, prying cameras and a judgemental audience is downright daunting.

But adopting proven interview methodology reduces nerves and ensures an effective, resilient technique. Whether making a positive announcement or responding to an issue or crisis, that technique is the key to ensuring you control the media message.

All courses developed and delivered by Saltwater Media Solutions;

  • Develop resilient, effective interview technique
  • Embrace proven adult learning methodologies
  • Enable spokespeople to control the media message & story
  • Are bespoke & modified for each client/sector
  • Use only qualified journalists & accredited trainers
  • Are authentic & effective

Delivery method

Hybrid video conferencing & face-to-face

Course duration

Dependent upon number of participants

About Our Courses

Media Spokesperson Training

Understand basic media process, effective preparation and interview technique. Develop skills to reduce nerves and confidently deliver clear media messages.

  • Effective preparation – editorial and physical
  • Understand your audience, stakeholders and organisational objectives
  • Understand basic media process
  • User friendly message templates
  • Control the process, physical and verbal messaging
  • Overcome nerves
  • Format interview notes effectively for interview
  • Message delivery and interview technique
  • How to respond when you don’t know or can’t answer a journalist’s question
  • Eliminate the prospect of being misquoted or taken out of context
  • Ensure the media uses your message
  • Feel confident in all pre-recorded and live interview environments

Advanced Media Spokesperson Training

Elevate existing media performance, inject personality and originality. Improve management of challenging/hostile questions and develop strategy for live, studio and multi-camera press conference environments.

  • One-on-one or small group sessions
  • Studio-based or on-site (as appropriate)
  • Advanced interview technique
  • Effective, short notice preparation
  • Control “controversial” questions & interviews
  • Control the questions (it is possible)
  • Emphasis on live and issue-based interview environments
  • Elevate executive interview performance
  • Manage hostility in a live interview
  • Effectively re-frame false premise
  • Doorstops & document drops
  • Multi-camera press conferences & television live cross training as appropriate

Crisis Communications – Spokesperson Training

Develop a simple, effective and resilient communications strategy. Safeguard reputation at a time of crisis with consistent preparation & delivery process. Don’t be blind-sided by the crisis event. Identify risk, plan effectively and review vigorously.

  • Develop resilient crisis strategy and plan (before the event)
  • Identify potential reputational risk
  • Understand how media approaches a crisis
  • Manage media during a crisis (from taking the first call to delivering statements)
  • Identify and mobilise crisis communications team
  • Develop a crisis communications plan specific to your business
  • Create templates for crisis/holding statements in advance
  • Train spokespeople to deliver media messages at short notice, under pressure (live and pre-recorded)
  • Updating messages
  • Retain control of the message – you can’t control the crisis, but you can control your media response
  • Live interviews/doorstops/multi camera press conference
  • Crisis communications review

Live broadcast training

The pressure of a live interview can overwhelm even the most seasoned media spokesperson. Whether it’s live radio, one-on-one live-cross for television or an intimidating multi-camera press conference – the stakes are high, and reputations are on the line.

A consistent, uncomplicated preparation process combined with recreating the live environment is the best way to develop and embed effective strategy for controlling the live interview environment.

  • Develop consistent, uncomplicated & effective preparation process
  • Simple, user-friendly message templates
  • Overcome nerves, deliver measured & assertive messages
  • Effective, short notice preparation
  • Understand the process and the format
  • Re-create the specific live media environment
  • Understand equipment, eye-line to camera and verbal/physical cues
  • Delivered in studio or on-site (as appropriate)
  • Radio – live in studio/phone as appropriate
  • One-on-one television cross
  • We re-create a live, multi-camera broadcast press conference

Webcam Media Interviews

In changing times, one undeniable constant has been the media’s relentless thirst for content – and it could be argued scrutiny is more intense than ever.

Pandemic restrictions have meant changes to news-gathering practices including a proliferation of content sourced via video conferencing. There are skills specific to the format which can make or break an effective interview over a video conferencing platform and only an uncomplicated, effective, proven methodology will ensure interview success.

  • Understand media requirements/protocols in the Covid-19 environment
  • Develop effective messages, user friendly templates
  • Build confidence – provide process
  • Ensure leaders/key spokespeople are trained to deliver messages in what may be “foreign formats” including “sim-sat” or webcam interviews
  • Understand and manage basic webcam tech including camera and audio
  • Manage webcam environment – lighting, camera height, posture, eye-line, presentation and confidence building
  • Prepare effectively to deliver compelling, clear media messages
  • Understand live and pre-recorded formats
  • Includes video recorded interviews, playback and critique

Public speaking & presentation training

More than ever before, the art of effective communication can make or break careers, enterprise opportunities and even influence the safety and wellbeing of individuals and communities.

Saltwater Media Solutions maintains that effective communication is underpinned by simplicity – both in the process used to develop and deliver a presentation and also in the messages themselves. To achieve this, a clear uncomplicated methodology is required. Our presentation and public speaking courses are developed to achieve outstanding communications outcomes through a simple, effective process. All courses are developed and delivered by experienced, accredited workplace trainers.

  • Effective planning and preparation
  • Understand the audience, stakeholders and objectives
  • Presentation structure
  • Physical/body language
  • Overcome nerves
  • Understand formats
  • Use of technology, podiums, cameras
  • Use of anecdotes and stories to support and uplift presentation
  • Manage audience questions
  • A memorable conclusion