Few people enjoy exposing their hard-won reputation to intense public scrutiny. For most, the prospect of hostile journalists, prying cameras and a judgemental audience is downright daunting.

But adopting proven interview methodology reduces nerves and ensures an effective, resilient technique. Whether making a positive announcement or responding to a crisis, that technique is the key to ensuring you control the media message.

Media Spokesperson Training

Understand basic media process, effective preparation and interview technique. Develop skills to reduce nerves and confidently deliver basic media messages.

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Advanced Media Training

Elevate existing media performance, inject personality and originality. Improve capacity to handle challenging/hostile questions and develop strategy for live, studio and multi-camera press conference environments.

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Crisis Communications

Develop a communications plan aimed at safeguarding reputation at a time of crisis including risk identification, communications plan, spokesperson training and review.

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Public speaking and presentation

Develop a flexible range of skills to meet growing content demand for public presentations and internal media platforms – intranets, web-presentations and social media.

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The number of participants, duration and location of Saltwater training courses is entirely flexible.


Most courses are delivered over

  • a full day of 7.5 hours,
  • a three-quarter day 5.5 hours or
  • a half day of 4 hours.

The three-quarter day is proving most popular – and is generally delivered from 10 am until 330pm allowing participants to attend to work matters at the beginning and end of the day while still completing a robust session of training.

Course duration is entirely flexible, and Saltwater Media will discuss the most appropriate session based on the client’s requirement.


The majority of courses are delivered at the client’s place of business. When this is not possible, or there is a need to utilise a studio or alternate location, Saltwater Media has a range of options.


The number of participants is also flexible – with Saltwater Media having delivered everything from one-on-one executive spokesperson courses, to groups of over 20 emergency services personnel at a time. We guarantee the ratio of trainers to participants will maximise outcomes.


One of the most under-rated aspects of media training is the association between the provider and the client. Ensuring participant backgrounds are established, authentic interview scenarios created and all expectations of the training clearly articulated forms the basis of a successful session.

Saltwater Media Solutions prides itself on tailoring all media training and strategic advice to the client’s specific requirement and delivering the most authentic and effective service available.

Who delivers the training?

All courses are developed and delivered by a qualified, current Senior Journalist with accreditation in Workplace Training and Assessment and formal training in Enterprise Risk Management. All trainers are qualified senior journalists who have demonstrated sustained success (not just worked) in the Australian and international media.

Do we actually do interviews?

Yes. Unless there is a specific request not to participate in interviews – all participants test the interview methodology in simulated pre-recorded and (where appropriate) live interviews. These sessions reflect an authentic media experience and are weighted in favour of practical rather than theory-based learning. Experience suggests it delivers the most effective training outcomes.

Can the communications team observe the session?

Yes. In most sessions, a member or members of a media/communications team will observe the training. Saltwater Media Solutions welcomes, encourages and openly facilitates the involvement of communications executives.

How many people can we have in a session?

The answer is “as many as you like.” The theory component can be delivered to an unlimited number, but the practical sessions require a specific trainer-to-participant ratio in order to be effective, and this is generally discussed in the pre-training phase. Saltwater Media Solutions Pty Ltd has extensive experience training group sizes from one-on-one advanced executive training – right through to multiple participants over several days.

Where in Australia are the courses delivered?

Anywhere. Saltwater Media is headquartered in Melbourne, but trains extensively in capital cities and regional centres throughout Australia.

How much does media training cost?

As the structure, time and number of participants can vary considerably, it’s difficult to provide an accurate figure without asking a few questions first. Essentially though, a very brief discussion will enable Saltwater Media to deliver a suggested training format and firm costing at extremely short notice.

Why should we choose your company?

Ultimately, that’s your decision, but when engaging a media trainer, we suggest you consider the following questions;

  • Are the trainers accredited to deliver Workplace Training and Assessment?
  • Are the trainers qualified journalists who have demonstrated recent/current sustained success (not just worked) in the Australian and international media?
  • Do you feel as though the provider has made a genuine effort to understand your business, issues and training requirement – or are they simply applying a formulaic training program to your inquiry?

Saltwater Media Solutions prides itself on tailoring all media training and strategic advice to the client’s specific requirement and delivering the most authentic and effective service available.

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Without hesitation, we would recommend Saltwater Media Solutions as a professional, high level media training consultancy. Luke Waters took time to understand our business and the issues confronting it, and created a course pitched precisely at the experience level of our spokespeople. The session challenged our spokespeople, but they felt supported the entire time. It was a great opportunity to hone their skills.


Saltwater Media Solutions offers a very realistic, effective and comprehensive media training service. From ensuring the media training scenarios are authentic and relatable to our organisation – to the delivery by an experienced and successful journalist. The sessions have been extremely well received by our executives and senior management, who have improved their effectiveness and confidence in engaging with the media considerably as a result of the training. Having a real journalist create and deliver the course makes it extremely effective.