Without hesitation, we would recommend Saltwater Media Solutions as a professional, high level media training consultancy. Luke Waters took time to understand our business and the issues confronting it, and created a course pitched precisely at the experience level of our spokespeople.

The session challenged our spokespeople, but they felt supported the entire time. It was a great opportunity to hone their skills.


Saltwater Media Solutions offers a very realistic, effective and comprehensive media training service. From ensuring the media training scenarios are authentic and relatable to our organisation – to the delivery by an experienced and successful journalist.

The sessions have been extremely well received by our executives and senior management, who have improved their effectiveness and confidence in engaging with the media considerably as a result of the training. Having a real journalist create and deliver the course makes it extremely effective.


Saltwater Media Solutions has delivered a suite of professional and tailored media training courses to researchers, academics and staff from several Departments at University of Melbourne. Much of this training has been for doctors and researchers within the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences. One of the most impressive aspects of the training is the supportive nature in which it is delivered. Many of the spokespeople are extremely nervous at sharing their research in the media and cutting through the complex language and ideas but Luke’s courses provide a confidence building process for them to follow. Several of our academics have now received considerable media exposure for their research and work which they didn’t think possible. I would highly recommend Luke and Saltwater Media Solutions to anyone considering getting media training in the higher education sector.


Saltwater Media Solutions Pty Ltd delivered training courses which were relevant and significantly elevated the media skills of staff and elected officials at Wellington Shire. The courses were clearly thought out, easy to understand, practical – and most importantly effective. It was clear Luke and his team had significant experience working in regional councils and this made the practical interview component authentic. I would have no hesitation in recommending Saltwater Media Solutions Pty Ltd as a training provider.

Wellington Shire Council

Despite having a variation of media experience and proficiency within our group, the Saltwater Media course was delivered in a manner which saw all participants improve considerably. The time taken in preparing before the course became clear as the interview workshops got underway. It encouraged us to work on the positive aspects of our media messages not just being “defensive.” I would recommend Saltwater Media as a progressive and extremely professional training provider.


The Saltwater Media training demonstrated a clear understanding of what is required when emergency management spokespeople communicate in the media. The course was dedicated specifically to incident management, effective message preparation and delivery. It was extremely authentic – the trainers clearly had a high level of experience reporting on emergencies/natural disasters, and this translated into their realistic and valuable advice. I would highly recommend Saltwater Media as a training provider in the emergency management sector.

State Emergency Services

Luke picked the tone for our staff perfectly, and explained what the media were looking for and how our staff could provide that. He also gave them strategies to manage more difficult interview situations. The sessions were an excellent balance of theory and practice interviews. Luke was extremely organised and the feedback of our staff was overwhelmingly positive.

Victorian Government Department

One of the most beneficial aspects of the training is the live press conference. This is a most confronting media experience, but having Luke re-create the conference and provide strategies for handling the situation was invaluable. The same can be said for the media crisis training which provided a highly effective strategy and technique for handling media at a time of crisis.

Australian Retailers Association

Luke’s journalistic experience across print, radio and TV, as well as his ability to easily establish rapport with the group made for a very rich and engaging session. Following the training, our spokespeople felt much more confident to undertake media interviews, and many have since undertaken radio and TV interviews with great results.

Life Saving Victoria

The course was delivered in a manner which the participants felt comfortably challenged. It was clear that Luke Waters had significant experience covering elite sport, and his delivery style and the content of the course was exactly what was required.

Melbourne Victory Football Club

We couldn’t have been more pleased with our media training. Through our training we have gained awareness and grown confident in being able to shape the media message and front the media to communicate it. The training was both extremely authentic and highly effective.


Saltwater courses are logical, realistic and allow participants to understand how their research or area of expertise can be communicated in live or pre-recorded interviews. I would have no hesitation in recommending Luke Waters and Saltwater Media Solutions as a media training provider.

Tania Ewing And Associates

Luke’s course was well-structured, took into consideration the complexity of our business and demonstrated how we can simplify messages for general media consumption. The course was logical and practical and provided our spokespeople with a process to follow in all media situations. Luke was extremely professional at all times throughout the planning and course delivery.

The Hader Clinic

The courses were well thought out, easy to understand and extremely practical. Most of all the training was effective. Luke’s experience as a journalist ensured the sessions were extremely authentic and built confidence. The training exceeded our expectations and I would happily recommend Luke and Saltwater to any organisation looking to up skill their media spokespeople.

Asylum Seeker Resource Centre

Luke’s highly professional approach garnered through years of practical experience enabled him to cover theory in a digestible manner and provide great insight into the interview process through the interview workshop and tips he delivered.Luke’s expertise provided a clear, simple and highly effective process for our spokespeople to follow and apply which has in turn delivered them great confidence in dealing with the media.

Refugee Council Of Australia

We were very pleased with the outcome. Not only was the training tailored to our needs, but Luke was a very knowledgable and approachable trainer. Our team gained great insight into working with media and we benefited from practical exercises. The sessions were created and delivered specifically for a regional media environment which was perfect for us.

MidCoast Water

The course was extremely well received by all who participated. The facilitators demonstrated a thorough understanding of the workings of council, the media related challenges faced by a regional community and provided clear media strategies to assist. The courses provided an appropriate balance of theory and practical interviews which gave us a process to follow and a considerable boost in confidence.

Bass Coast Shire

We would highly recommend the professional media training services of Saltwater Media Solutions. Luke and his team developed the confidence of our spokespeople to handle all types of media interviews. His focus on using positive messaging while responding to questions was very valuable.

Saltwater Media delivered a quality training product which we would highly recommend.

Australian Council for Educational Research

It is clear Luke Waters is an experienced journalist and media trainer. The media training session was as close to a “real” media interview as you could hope for. It wasn’t just the session itself, but the thought and preparation that went in to making the course specific to our needs. I would highly recommend the Saltwater Media experience as being an authentic and realistic approach to improving an organisation’s media readiness.


Saltwater Media Solutions has delivered presentations skills and media training courses for our organisation. The entire process is extremely professional and Luke’s knowledge and experience working as a high level international journalist brings a great deal of authenticity to the courses. We would happily recommend Saltwater Media as a professional and results-focused training provider.

Australian Multicultural Foundation