Crisis Communications

Plans, Spokesperson Training & Simulations

When confronted by a communication crisis, your organisation’s most valuable asset is an uncomplicated, effective plan. It’s too late to start considering this at the time of the crisis.

Crisis communications plans are created in collaboration with clients. Where relevant, they embed existing risk management frameworks, strategies and registers.

Don’t be blind-sided by the crisis event. Plan thoroughly, communicate effectively and review vigorously.

Crisis Communications Overview

  1. Understand how media approaches a crisis
  2. Manage media during a crisis (from taking the first call to delivering statements)
  3. Engage the crisis communications team
  4. Develop a crisis communications interview strategy
  5. Create templates for crisis/holding statements in advance
  6. Train spokespeople to deliver media messages at short notice, under pressure (live and pre-recorded)
  7. Update messages
  8. Retain control of the message – you may not be able to control the crisis, but you can control your response
  9. Live or pre-recorded interviews/doorstops/multi camera press conference
  10. Crisis communications review
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Bespoke consulting

Saltwater Media Solutions offers bespoke, confidential consulting for organisations requiring specific advice around a media related topic or topics.

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Some examples of consulting include –

  • Issues management
  • Crisis communications organisational overview
  • Senior media-related appointments
  • Engaging external providers