Our team of journalists and accredited public speaking trainers will work with you and your team to develop enhanced capabilities and proven techniques:

  • Effective planning and preparation
  • Understand the audience, stakeholders and objectives
  • Presentation structure
  • Physical/body language
  • Overcome nerves
  • Understand formats
  • Use of technology, podiums, cameras
  • Use of anecdotes and stories to support and uplift presentation
  • Manage audience questions
  • A memorable conclusion
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Public speaking and presentation skills training in Melbourne

Public speaking is a critical aspect of business and delivering effective presentations can maximise benefits for your enterprise. Use your most influential media moments to establish connections, network, motivate staff, establish business protocols, influence decision making and encourage positive change.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Establish your business as an industry leader: Establish valuable trust and assert yourself as an expert in your field through effective public speaking.
  • Improve your self-confidence: Developing the confidence to speak in front of a group will bleed into every aspect of your performance, giving you confidence in everything you do. Enhance communication and leadership skills, improving your standing in your business community.
  • Be a positive catalyst for change: The first step towards influencing change is to inspire. Effective public speaking will reach, engage and help motivate the audience, and follow your quest for change.

Powerful public relations courses and crisis management

Connectivity has changed our world. Smartphones, connected devices and fast internet means we can video stream to audiences across the planet in an instant.

Reach your consumers through social media streams or video conference with teams across the globe – the possibilities are endless. You can even deliver speeches to conventions without the need for long-distance travel.

The evolution in tech-behaviour highlights the need for public speaking in today’s world more than ever before, with digital platforms allowing for video interaction at the click of a button. It also means being able to navigate a potential public relations crisis effectively.

That’s where we come in.

Access highly refined presentation skills training in Melbourne

Our video presentation courses are centred around confidence-based speaking, in all of its forms. Intranet-based conferences or displays, web-based seminars and speeches can be delivered across a range of digital platforms with ease, as well as through traditional forums.

Our process

All effective communication begins with careful preparation. We will guide you through a process of producing effective content that reaches your target audience and meets your goals and objectives.

We provide effective strategies to eliminate nerves, present with assertive body language, elevate confidence – and present as an authority.

We recognise the new world of media and will help you to understand the raft of platforms available, working with you to understand how to establish digital demonstrations and understand the technology and camera environment.

Injecting personality and life into your conference is also important, and we support you with strategies to develop quality anecdotes to break up your speech. We’ll also guide you with techniques to better manage audience questions so that you can respond with confidence.