Handle controversy

Elevate existing media performance, inject personality and originality into performance. Improve capacity to handle challenging/hostile questions and develop strategy for live, studio and multi-camera press conference environments.

  • One-on-one or small group sessions
  • Advanced interview technique
  • Effective preparation
  • Control “controversial” interviews
  • Control the questions – yes, control the questions
  • Emphasis on live and issue-based interview training
  • Elevate executive interview performance
  • Managing challenging/hostile media environments
  • Effectively re-frame false premise
  • Doorstops and document drops
  • Multi-camera press conferences/ television live cross training
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Advanced media training for Melbourne professionals

Develop confidence, improve public speaking, and control the message. Before embarking on any interaction with the media, it’s critical that an organisation has absolute clarity around its media strategy. It doesn’t need to be complicated – but it must exist – and Saltwater can help.

Gain skills across multiple media platforms

Traditional media platforms (print, radio and television) are now joined by social channels, blogging and other outlets – all vying for your attention.

Applying face-to-face and radio interview training, our specialists can help you develop the skills you need to adapt to each platform and ensure your social and traditional media strategies align.

Are we crisis ready?

The reputational consequences of a media crisis can be catastrophic, yet robust plans are adopted by too-few organisations. Risk identification, interview coaching and effective crisis communications strategy is a must for businesses and organisations of all sizes – and is a specialty offering from Saltwater Media Solutions in Melbourne.

Learn to thrive in challenging or hostile environments

In some circumstances, interviewees will be forced to perform under intense scrutiny, pressure – even hostility. Talkback radio and panel-based television shows will often interrogate or “grill” their talent in a bid to extract a mistake, admission or confession – often in the name of ratings.

This can be nerve-wracking – but by adopting proven advanced interview strategies, these challenging situations can be overcome.

What if I’m asked a tricky question?

The perennial fear of interviewees can be readily overcome by adopting proven interview strategies. By focusing on confidence building, Saltwater Media Solutions courses provide practical skills in navigating challenging questions andn interviews.

Saltwater – your media solution in Melbourne

All Saltwater Media Solutions training and advice is designed to solve the myriad of challenges individuals and organisations face from the media. While no 2- problems are identical – there are recurring themes, and questions, which underpin Saltwater courses and strategic advice.