Four Reasons you Need to Invest in Media Training for your Employees

Let’s face it: facing the media is not something that we only do when things go wrong. While news outlets and journalists can be a useful tool for leveraging brand presence and reaching new audiences, they’re also risky business if you don’t know how to tackle their techniques.

No matter the size of your company, it’s worth investing in media training to ensure all of your staff are able to withstand challenges and maximise challenges when they happen to pop up. In the long run, this ensures you’re able to go hand-in-hand with effective PR channels.

So, here are a few more reasons to jump on board with upskilling in this area.

  • It boosts public speaking skills

Standing in front of an audience and speaking is daunting for a majority of us. In fact, studies have shown that as much as 75 percent of the population has a fear of public speaking – a higher percentage than any other type of fear.

Being confronted with cameras and microphones can amplify this anxiety, but effective media training can help build confidence and reduce the overall fear.

This is not only beneficial for PR opportunities, but also for maintaining a productive workforce that will workshop, conference and deliver presentations regularly.

  • It assists with clarity and context

There’s no doubt that you’re likely (or aiming to be) thought leaders in your given field. No one knows your company better than you and your staff. This is exactly why it’s critical to convey that knowledge in short, concise sound bites that are continually reinforcing your key messages.

Ultimately, long and complicated responses full of industry jargon can be misinterpreted by the media and can result in your message being lost in translation. The appropriate training can ensure you don’t fall down this rabbit hole.

  • You can learn to control the interview

Media interviews don’t have to be you in front of the camera, only answering questions and appearing like a deer in the headlights.

With support and techniques in tow, you and your staff can learn to control proceedings, change the line of questioning and reinforce your most important points.

  • Handle tough questions

This is another skill that goes just far beyond just answering to the firing line of questioning from journalists and news outlets. Reporters are likely to challenge you with confronting questions, often researched, which are likely to put you on the spot. Responding with simple answers won’t get you that far – you’ll need to pre-empt these challenges and know exactly how to turn the conversation into a positive one.

Saltwater Media Solutions can assist you and your staff in maximising your media techniques, no matter what industry you’re in.

At the end of the day, appropriate and effective media training can help you deliver clear-cut responses that put your brand on the best track to success.