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5 ways to easily improve your presentation skills

Even the most prominent media spokespeople face challenges when delivering the “ultimate presentation.” From demanding the room’s attention, through to displaying unwavering confidence – it’s a tricky game. Luckily, there are a few ways to leverage your inner ability to present a powerful display or speech; it just takes patience and a basic process. How […]

The Message Map

Ever changed phones or cars and been confronted with a new GPS? It takes a little getting used to, but once you are comfortable with it, reaching your destination again becomes stress-free. In many ways, interview notes are similar – after all, they contain the messages which are ultimately the “destination” for your interview responses. […]

The Business of Communication

Ever noticed how the mechanic’s cars often break down, builders live in unfinished homes and yes, let’s be honest – how those of us in the communications sector sometimes fail to communicate effectively? In the context of media training, the communication between the media team and the trainer they have engaged is absolutely pivotal in […]

Four Reasons you Need to Invest in Media Training for your Employees

Let’s face it: facing the media is not something that we only do when things go wrong. While news outlets and journalists can be a useful tool for leveraging brand presence and reaching new audiences, they’re also risky business if you don’t know how to tackle their techniques. No matter the size of your company, […]

Time is an illusion – timing is art

“Time is an illusion – timing is art.” Stefan Emunds Timing in the context of media training is, indeed an “art” – and it’s often overlooked to the detriment of the session. There are many variables at play when considering an external media trainer, some controllable and many outside the control of the media/communications executive […]