5 ways to easily improve your presentation skills

Even the most prominent media spokespeople face challenges when delivering the “ultimate presentation.” From demanding the room’s attention, through to displaying unwavering confidence – it’s a tricky game. Luckily, there are a few ways to leverage your inner ability to present a powerful display or speech; it just takes patience and a basic process.

How to improve your presentation skills

In addition to receiving quality media spokesperson training, refining your presentation skills is possible through a few self-starter tips. We’ve collated a few of our favourites to help you improve.

  1. Practise really does make perfect

Remember that nothing comes easily. You can’t master any skill without giving it your best shot every day. Eventually, you learn how to conquer it, and it becomes second nature. But it does take time and energy to get there – as well as a bit of commitment.

While your schedule may be packed to the brim, make time wherever possible to practice. That might mean in the mirror as you get ready in the morning, or at your desk as you take your coffee break. Beyond this, use a script until you’re confident enough to go without one. A pro tip is also to practise your lines in all sorts of positions – e.g. standing up, seated, to camera (or not) – the more you’ll feel comfortable delivering the speech overall.

  1. Turn nervousness into enthusiasm

Everyone has their go-to method of calming nerves before a big presentation; maybe you like to sprint around the block or listen to a rap album. Whatever works, embrace it. Use your nervous energy as enthusiasm when you do take the stage and get yourself buzzing. Chances are you’ll do the same to the audience.

  1. Attend presentations of others

Try and attend as many additional presentations as you can before your own. Scope out how they deliver and the kind of attitude they present. What worked? What was their weakness? Did the audience seem attentive? Use all of this as criteria to master your talk.

  1. Arrive early and adjust to your environment

Each time you gear up for a big talk, the environment will be different. Remember to allow plenty of time to check out the venue and accessibility of it beforehand. You’ll also do yourself some good by testing out the microphone, lighting and assessing potential distractions – all well in advance. The physical environment plays a considerable role and the more familiar you are with it, the better prepared you will feel.

  1. Do the old ‘meet and greet’

Chat with as many people as you can before you take to the podium. Talk with those in the audiences and try to portray your approachability. Ask them questions and their responses – they may even give you some inspiration and direction for your presentation.

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