Develop a communications plan aimed at safeguarding reputation at a time of crisis including risk identification, communications plan, spokesperson training and review.

  • Develop resilient crisis strategy and plan (before the event)
  • Identify potential reputational risk
  • Understand how media approaches a crisis
  • Manage media during a crisis (from taking the first call to delivering statements)
  • Identify and mobilise crisis communications team
  • Develop a crisis communications plan specific to your business
  • Create templates for crisis/holding statements in advance
  • Train spokespeople to deliver media messages at short notice, under pressure (live and pre-recorded)
  • Updating messages
  • Retain control of the message – you can’t control the crisis but you can control the media response
  • Live interviews/doorstops/multi camera press conference
  • Crisis communications review
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Crisis management training to tackle all scenarios

Businesses can find themselves in any number of challenging (often unpredictable – sometimes unavoidable) situations. When that unwanted scrutiny arrives, the future of the enterprise can hinge on the response. Playing “catch-up” doesn’t work. Neither does devising a response “on the spot.”

Only a well-rehearsed, effective and structured crisis plan will preserve reputational integrity. A key component of this is having executive spokespeople trained and ready to deliver effective messages in this challenging environment.

Our team of accredited executive media training experts in Melbourne can help you prepare for any event and achieve all personal and organisational objectives.

Planning a response and understanding the risk

Effective preparation is absolutely crucial, as a negative, slow or rushed response runs the risk of permanently damaging your brand.

From the very first phone call from outlets to developing an effective crisis management communication plan – we can help you prepare for the impending media attention.

Assembling a crisis communications team

A delicate situation cannot be delegated to a single media spokesperson. It must be a united front and everyone must know their role.

Our executive media coaches (including operatives with formal training in risk management) can help you identify risk, mobilise a crisis management team and embed a plan tailored to your business.

Understanding the media

Pre-empting the media’s response is vital in establishing a solid crisis management communication plan. Understanding the type and line of questioning will allow you to prepare effective responses ahead of time.

Our team have worked as journalists in the field and know the types of questions you can expect in all situations, helping work with you to develop response and a range of response templates in advance.

How to conduct a live interview

The proliferation of social media and newsgathering tech-advances mean more

and more media is being consumed live-to-air. In a press-conference environment, this can mean more cameras, more microphones and more journalists. It can only be managed by a specific process, and all spokespeople must have the skills. Saltwater Media Solutions specialises in re-creating the press conference environment.

Crisis management training includes techniques for managing difficult questions, developing assertive body language and speaking with confidence.