Press Conference – Keep It Real

The reality of any media interview or interaction is simply that it is daunting. Personal and organisational reputations are on the line. If one camera and one journo asking difficult questions isn’t enough, then try 4-or five cameras and 6 or 7 journos – as this can be the reality of a press conference. Add to that the fact that with modern technology it can so easily be taken live – the anxiety is understandably high when a “presser” is called.

So how can you effectively prepare a spokesperson for the unique and confronting experience facing a bank of multiple broadcast cameras? The answer is quite simple – re-create the press-conference with a bank of multiple broadcast cameras.

If the training technique on offer is to use 2 or three “handycams”, or to imagine that there are extra cameras in the room then it’s simply not effective. There is just no substitute for developing a process and strategy for managing a press conference – recreating the real thing is the only way.  The margin between success and failure in surprisingly fine, and taking care of the seemingly “small” aspects of the press0conference add up and carry considerable weight.

The only way to truly manage –

  • Assertive body language
  • Appropriate eye-line
  • Taking questions
  • Effective message delivery and even
  • Exiting with confidence can only be practiced and learned when the actual dynamic is re-created.

If your organisation is participating in or is likely to participate in a press-conference, then there is significant media scrutiny around your message – be it a positive announcement or an issue/crisis response. Either way, getting this right is a critical component of media management.

Saltwater Media Solutions has the equipment and a proven training package to re-create a press conference and embed effective methodology for your spokesperson.

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